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Full time social media marketing managers can drain your budget. Why pay for an hourly or full time employee when you can get more.  Skip hiring the sassy cynic. We keep it positive with our finger on social culture. Get culturally relevant mistake free maturity and the professionalism your company deserves.

Social Media Management explained

Social Media Marketing or SMM employs a manager in applying marketing techniques designed to engage markets (people) to trust your brand and ultimately be an advocate or do business with you. In some ways, a social media manager is the ultimate customer service and sales rep combined.

Social Media Manager Traits

Certain assets are critical to a good social media manager’s success. One is cultural relevance. A growing market segment with purchasing power is younger than ever. That market uses Instagram over Facebook. It stands to reason, you need a manager who can navigate that social setting. 

It’s also important a social media manager understand the need for professionalism at all times. A young intern may key you into good copy with colloquial know-how but even after passing tests and acquiring a driver’s license you don’t let a 16 year-old drive your vintage Shelby.  

Social Media Marketing

Spreading brand awareness is a foundational marching order. What of specifics? A social media marketer will promote newly released products, articles, blog posts, events and anything newsworthy through social media channels. 

The landscape is ever-changing. And one channel does not fit all. There are hidden channels, emerging channels. A Social Media Marketer is always dialed into trends. Early adoption is critical. 

The role requires constant vigilance and interaction. There is not traditional eight hour work day, nor does the work day end at dinner time or on weekends.

How can someone outside my company represent my brand?

Can someone outside your company really understand your brand to operate on your behalf with complete authority?

It’s a good question. The answer is yes, and possibly no. It is not different that interviewing a new employee to work in a specific vertical. The responsibility lies on you to find a partner you can trust to both perform as a subject matter expert and sales device.

Here at DM Media, we believe our history of working with many unique business types, and our success in social media is reason enough to confidently work with us. We welcome you to vet us. When you are ready. Call us.

The Social Media Marketer's Responsibilities?

Ultimately, the SMM is responsible for results. However, it’s a system. Systems take time to deliver. Let’s break down the role a bit. It starts with an:

Audit & Report: The SSM collects all your known outlets, used and unused. They share their analysis based on data and instincts with what should be a compelling road map of the future. The long term results can be hard to measure if you have other marketing verticals in play such SEO and SEM (paid search). One metric you can measure is audience level and engagement.  Next is:

Planning: The SMM and your team establish a road map and governance for future campaigns. Now is:

Execution: Don’t think of this as a single project. Recall the term, ‘road map’. This road map includes general todo items such as remarketing old content such as tweeting or making a Facebook post. Old content could be an internal blog post, LinkedIn article by your company, or old news article with renewed cultural interest.

To be effective and engaging, you need a skilled SMM in the art of copywriting. They may even have skills in graphic design.

The road map’s natural cycle ends before it repeats with ongoing reports to improve on techniques and strategies.

Social Media Channels

There are well known social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. YouTube. While these are often vital, discount Pinterest, LinkedIn and Quora and you’ve truly blown huge opportunity. 

Mini Case Study: Pinterest

How can an organized image sharing outlet be useful in any way to your business? Easy. If you sell a product, placing your product in many visual examples on Pinterest will lead to sales. Period. 

That in itself is reason enough to exploit this little tapped market. 

Yes. Pinterest is virgin territory. It’s no longer ‘early adoption’, but it’s a less crowded market offering opportunity for higher yield. 

Pinterest can be used for curating customer service solution through infographics. This visual medium is constantly expanding it’s features to benefit businesses. 

Social Media Marketing Is Modern Advertising & Customer Care Combined

By now you should be sold on the concept. So can you do it on your own? Yes. To a point. At some point your time is better suited for what you do best in your company. A dedicated representative will have their foot on the gas at all times.  We have established three ‘plans’ for small business. You won’t find better pricing. It won’t last. As we grow our demand for time will also be at a premium. Take advantage of our pricing while it lasts. 

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