Guidance across the digital landscape

It’s best to have someone guide you who has been there and back. We’re your sherpa across the digital divide. 

Management Consulting or Skilled Labor Specialist

Our consulting consists of an interview with your upper management and audit of your current marketing. Whether your business needs a comprehensive assessment, or a specialist to fill a gap, we offer on-site and remote consulting. If you are like us and love autonomy, we can train your staff in many areas. Hands-on, on-site or remote.

Marketing Advisors

Our past clients include radio stations, law firms, publishers, manufacturers and a host of small businesses from yoga studios to pet breeders. 

For comprehensive digital marketing advice, we offer a detailed analysis report of our findings after a complete audit. Advice can include easily executable changes to in-depth plans with optional project management leveraging internal and external assets. 

We provide data driven recommendations through Google Analytics to SEMrush. We have often offered what seemed the simplest observational changes that have lead to doubling inbound sales calls from digital platforms. 

In many cases we have worked hand-in-hand with clients over time in branding and remarketing to achieve sales goals. Sometimes we are required to design, develop and implement entirely new web applications. 

What We Do

Project Management

SEO Specialist

Social Media Management

Skilled Labor Specialists

Perhaps you need a digital ad graphic or video edited? DM Media has over ten (10) years hands on experience across the most important creative applications. If it’s in the Adobe suite, we’ve worked in it. We’re especially skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and In Design. 

Web content is our wheelhouse. Our staff is flush with seasoned writers with past work syndicated around the world.

From content writing to copywriting (there is a very serious difference), you are in the hands of true experts. 

For all our hourly services, you’ll be hard pressed to find another team with more versatile writers who meet the need of being culturally relevant in new this dangerous business landscape. 

What We Do

Content Management

Copywriting | Ad Copy

Graphic Design

Podcast Production

Video Production


Hourly Consulting Rate Card

We bill by estimating a job in advance or by your agreed upon total hours estimated prior to start. A deposit of 1/2 or 1/3 against the expected total is paid up-front. An evaluation is made upon the time the advance has reached an eighty percent yield. Further payments are made upon invoice net thirty (30).

Project Management

This is a full capacity managerial role. Here you can use us to audit & review your marketing assets. Retain us to advise and consult or project manage an initiative such as an ad campaign or website construction.

SEO Specialist

We'll help focus and propel your strategy. Installation of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, auditing reports in SEMrush. Set up of properties in other popular SaaS analytics.

Social Media Manager

When you are not ready for an ongoing calendar, we can step in to competently manage your social media until you commit. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc... We don't make the visual content, but we will provide a voice on brand with call-to-action or customer care.

Content Writer

Want consumers? Engage them. Remote or on-site. Guest writer or ghostwriter. Research articles, SME interviews, listicles, blogs, press releases, reviews, instructionals, newsletters.


Succinct call-to-action for ad leads to landing pages. SEO YouTube thumbnails. Ad copy for Instagram posts or ongoing campaign themes. Branding taglines. We'll help you achieve digital marketing success.


As book authors, digital magazine managing editors and grammar snobs, we'll transcribe audio with flawless spelling. We can fix your copy to keep the voice business professional or meet colloquial needs at your discretion.

Graphic Design

Composite imaging, photo retouching and web graphics in Adobe Photoshop. Vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. Color grading in Lightroom. Visit our portfolio to be wow'd.

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere, After Effects. All elements and assets are both included and provided upon completion. Production files are locally contained. You retain all IP.

Podcast Editing

This is arduous work. We remove the 'umms' and repetitive audio to make sure you sound like the pro you are. Ya know.

Achieve Digital Marketing Success

We need each other.


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