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Simplified SEO

Your website is a store pointed backward on a dead-end street with the lights turned off. To find what you are selling requires a tool such as a search engine or alternative search means such as visual SEO (think YouTube),  or audible search (think podcasts). We have years of work and proof of our ability to assist you in being found.

In short. We make SEO changes with results. How? We are relentless. We understand this vast evolving system. We learn your brand, your pain points, your goals and act as an extension of your organization with zeal and desire to help your audience. 

SEO is a full time job

Your business goals, a searcher’s intent and a mysterious algorithm are quite combination to bring together. We know good content and good intentions should be rewarded. Life isn’t fair. We must adapt to meet the needs of a search engine in order to meet the needs of search intent. Our SEO specialists have over 15 years SEO experience each. Our success in visual SEO is unquestionable. Our use of analytical software beyond Google Analytics is means enough, our resources will outperform you — even if you dedicated your job to SEO. Use us with guaranteed results. That means your money will not be wasted. Call us.

What We Do

Property Auditing

Local Listing

SEO Consulting

SEO Management

SEO Training

Content Writing

Reputation Management

Content Marketing

Organic SEO cost less than SEM

You have a product or service to provide. You could opt to pay for placement. That’s known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC). That’s not always an option. Once achieved, FREE top organic results on  the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are often long-term. Many cost benefit analysis prove this out, depending on the industry and product (margin etc…). 

Local SEO

What’s often overlooked is local SEO. This low-hanging fruit is critical. If you are not taking advantage of local SEO features in Google, your battle for keyword strings will be equal to swimming against a riptide. Work with DM Media to learn this foundational SEO principle as a take-away skill for future use. 

Do you have time for all six SEO components?

Learning the nuances in best practices takes years. Learning all the separate components of SEO for top placement success is near impossible without a team. 

On-Page SEO


Ex. HOW TO, list, Subject Matter Expert Interviews, Infographic, Video, Review, Research Article, Blog.


Specific or latent. Keyword authority is the name of the game. Early adoption can be a huge advantage.

Technical SEO

Meta titles, alt tags, video subs, structured data, json for voice search. Some real gems hide here.

Off-Page SEO


Priceless. Perhaps the toughest nut to crack. Do you have time to disavow low quality spammer links?

Social Media

More gold. Good PR in social media is its own huge sector yet is still categorized under SEO.


Brand image can effect other SEO elements. Brand protection and reputation management matter.

SEO Priorities

There are three priority goals while improving your page rank.  

1ST: Keyword authority. This takes time. A rookie mistake is immediately going for top keywords as head terms. It’s a process. We quickly secure high volume low competition topic seed keywords. We just gave you one secret many learn and yet still overlook. While we are sharing the secret of what we do, we’re not foolish enough to tell ‘how’ we do it.

2nd: Call-to-action. Your technical SEO comes into play here. You can jump to the top of a search only to lose it without clicks. There’s one more highly overlooked secret. 

3rd: Off-Site SEO

Ultimately we use powerful analytical tools which take months if not years to master. We use those tools to determine many things from gap analysis to research in our assessment checklist. 

If you are not ready to commit to a contractual agreement, we can provide you a one time audit for $400.00.  Our audit is included in any of our two SEO plans


DM Media SEO Plans





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We build with creative purpose. No task is too small. From brand awareness in ad design, sales, editing video for your social media, migrating websites, managing content, to consulting, let's talk and work within your budget to get the job done. Call us, now.

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