Who We Are

DM Media

Who Are We

Our ad agency is built around veteran SEO analysts. Our managing partners are Lars Hindsley and Joe Hummel.

DM Media was launched by Lars Hindsley in 2009. It’s purpose was to serve as an outlet for creative endeavors and provide SEO website services to long-standing colleagues. The team has four core members and a few trusted outside contractors we’ve worked with for over five to ten years.

What We Do

Most of our projects are small business websites.

If it’s digital, we market it. Brand, promotion, advertising, SEO, SEM, and social media management, down to content creation, podcasting, video editing and more.

We learn your brand, goals, culture and tone to engage with user intent in an unobtrusive sales funnel.

Our Mission

We aim to improve your bottom line. We under-promise and over-deliver. It needs to look good to work well. Elegance is predicated on fewer parts. 

We appeal to the values of consumers building with creative purpose.

Our history

Years of running Internet providers, web services companies and SEO firms are just a glimpse of the talent behind our doors.

Why choose us?

We have real writers. We also have over 10 years in SEO. We combine business acumen with cultural relevance. 

Build it and they will come. Crap. Build it with SEO woven into its fabric with meaningful style and you will build  engagement through trust.

We said this. We’re saying it again. Experience is competence. Efficient. 

Each of our SEO specialist has over 10 years working in digital media and SEO.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Make the call.

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